Installation of Your Swing

If you can nail, installation is easy.   The Swing comes with a "S" hook attached for hanging.   You will want to get an eye bolt screw from your local hardware store, unless you have chosen another way to hang your swing in the ceiling.    A floor space of 5 ft by 5 ft is suggested.  The Swing is designed for an 8' ceiling.   It is to be mounted in a rafter, truss or beam.   If you have an open beam ceiling, you can attach to beams, rafters, or decking, providing the decking is at least 4 inches thick.   If you have a ceiling over 8' you may need a chain to connect the "S" hook, which is attached to The Swing, to the eye screw in the ceiling.  The chain should be rated for over 500-pound test minimum.

full body hammock

The spreader bar is a piece of closet rod (1 1/4" X 46") which is readily available at any "honey do" (hardware) store.    We used to sell metal spreader bars and portable stand, but had to discontinue making them.   (Look online at Amazon or Ebay for alternative solutions for a stand.)  Call us for recommendations for a swing stand, and we can answer any questions you have at that time too.   The spreader bar may be tight to fit when you first receive it... in fact it may be tight anytime you go to put it in the swing pockets.  Just be sure you are going into the pocket and not beyond.  You want this tight so the swing is safe.  

First, for locating the hidden beams use you nail or stud finder. It helps to know that these rafters or joists are located 16" or 24" apart.   One way to locate them if you don't have nails or stud finder is to tap lightly on the ceiling.   Listening to the differences between a hollow sound (no rafter or joist) and a solid, sharper sound (rafter or joist).   Don't get discouraged -- they're up there!   To make sure you are on the center of the joist or rafter, hammer a small nail at the spot. Then hammer a second nail into the left and another to the right of the first one. Make sure all the nails are hitting solid wood. Then drill a starter hole using your bit half way between the two outside nails that will give you the center of the rater or joist. Now screw in the eye screw all the way. If it is hard to turn at the end this is a good sign!  If they turn easily they are not is solid wood. So try again.   We had someone install a recessed hook in the ceiling, and covered with a smoke detector, attaching it to the recessed hook using magnets.   It has stood the test of time for over 15 years now.

Often the best place for installing a swing (both for playing and safety) is in the middle of a room.   So that it is not in your way or prompting questions from curious friends and family, we suggest putting a cup hook inside the closet or behind the bathroom door (someplace where the rest of the world is not) that the swing can easily be moved to when not in use.   That way, the swing is not in a tangled mess or dusting the floor under the bed at "play time" — nothing to assemble or untangle.   You will want to install the swing before you start foreplay, so the "mood" isn't lost in the moment it takes to move it to your hook and put the spreader bar in.   Conversely, if you need to store the swing quickly (mom shows up 3 hours early for dinner), the rod comes out and the swing is hung out of sight or stored in a Walmart bag in a few seconds.

Normally we store our swing in a Walmart bag, folded as recommended elsewhere in this website, parachute style.   Takes less room, and stops questions from curious kids and grandkids.

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